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The Lolnet Team


The Owners & Founders of Lolnet.

  • CptWin - The original founder of Lolnet, current owner and our resident technical genius.

  • Dezil_nz - Current owner of Lolnet.

  • Lolnet Administrators

    The team that made Lolnet into what it is today, they have complete access to Lolnet.

  • James137137 - The main coder of Lolnet, he makes all the custom plugins which allow our servers to function the way they do.

  • LX_Gaming - Developer

  • Minecraft Administrators

    These members have complete access to the Minecraft servers and are responsible for everyday maintenance.

  • Brandon3055 - Developer

  • FaMatrix - Server Manager

  • Developers

    These members perform various important developmental tasks for Lolnet, however, they don't necessarily have Administrator permissions.

  • James137137 - Performs most plugin based development for Lolnet.

  • Brandon3055 - Performs most mod based development for Lolnet.

  • Ladybugman - Lolnet's web developer alongside CptWin.

  • FaMatrix - Wiki and Forum Management.

  • LX_Gaming - Java Developer

  • covers1624 - Java Dev for Mods and Servers

  • Minecraft Senior Moderators

    These members are responsible for moderating and managing servers across the network.

  • Krimzin - Architect & Editor

  • Minecraft Moderators

    These members moderate the servers and can effectively resolve most problems.

  • User Assistants

    These members are on the front line, frequently interacting with the community, and helping others with common problems.