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RFTools World Creation

Note: Unless stated otherwise all 1.10+ modded servers are banned from RFTools dimensions

You can now generate dimensions on specific servers. You can only run one dimension, if you want to reset your dimension, you'll need to create ModReq. As staff member (Admin/Mod) will need come over and delete the dimension for you before you can create another dimension.

You'll need to have Owner Dimlet in your Dimension Tab before building dimension.

Keep in mind, if you have not been on for long time and if Dimension starts to take up the spaces / server's performance, we will likely taken it down without warning, there may be no refund.

Which server can we use RFTools World Generation on?

You can use RFTools World Generation on Infinity Normal.

How much would it cost?

- For Infinity Normal, Cost 50,000 lolcoins.

- For Infinity Evolved SkyBlock, FTB Team has removed the crafting recipe for Dimension builder, assume that there will be no World Creation for this modpack.

How to create one? It says that I require Owner Dimlet?

You'll need to head over to spawn market and purchase one. Then when building Dimension tablet, place it after all dimlets.

How to delete Dimension?

Contact Administrator/Moderator or create /modreq and we'll delete dimension for you.