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Welcome to the Lolnet Minecraft banned items list.

Banned Items/Blocks

The following is a list of the items that we have banned from our Minecraft servers. While we intend this list to be fully comprehensive we can not guarantee 100% accuracy. If you see an issue or a discrepancy, please bring this up with a staff member.

Banned on all servers

Any item that changes the server time or weather. Ensure day/night and weather cycle is fair for all players.
RFTools Void and Clearing shape cards (Automated holes can cause lag)
Experience Pylon from Cyclic (Lag)
EFLN from Tinkers Construct and Industrial TNT from IndustrialCraft (Bypasses claim protection)
Tunnel Bore from RailCraft and TelePad from EnderIO (Dupe)
Ender Anchor from Random Things (Crash)
All craftable chunkloaders (Use /shop)
Quantum Quarry (Lag/Restricted placement on certain servers due to recipe changes)
RFTools Dimensions (Lag)

Banned on most servers

Refined Storage on servers that have Applied Energistics 2 (Lag)
Bag of Holding from Extra Utilities 2 and Farming Station from EnderIO (Only banned on SF3)

Restricted on all servers

Do not use quarries, turtles or anything similar in the Overworld or Twilight Forest.

Restricted on certain servers

Absorption Hopper. (Banned on Beyond, Restricted placement on Ozone)