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About: Dez: I originally ran the modded servers from home on a hopeless 1mb upload speed however I was determined to have a go at this server thing. Although we lagged out on about 5 players. A few weeks down the track I updated my connection speed and we could then get 20 people online. However then the server grew and we got to the point where people were fighting to be on the server so I moved to a VPS, this was great we could get everyone online and the server preformed very well! After a month of being on the VPS I was very keen to take it to the next level and had already been talking to cptwin about buying a server between us, that we could co-locate. This dream became a reality in August 2013 and we moved on to our fancy new hardware (This new hardware would prove to be the best thing we as a community have ever done) The new hardware was so much better than a VPS having a dedicated box meant we could expand and grow our community in many new ways including running several servers with different packs. Which brings us to now running 7 modpacks!!! We love running the servers and also love to see our community grow and flourish For me this is what running a server is about; bringing a bunch of great players together to share their experiences with each-other! That is why we would like to thank you as without players a server is nothing!

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Lolnet Minecraft Server

An image of the old Lolnet Spawn in Pluto world.
Opened Dec 2010
Also Known As Vanilla, Survival
Server Details}
Unique Users 28896
Statistics As At 21 January 2014

The Lolnet Minecraft Server is the original Lolnet service, founded in early 2011 by CptWin. From a small private server, into a forum based whitelist and finally a full public server, Lolnet Minecraft has grown into the largest Minecraft server in New Zealand.


Original Server


The Lolnet Minecraft server was founded in December 2010, beginning as a private minecraft server for some friends on an ADSL line in Christchurch. When CptWin decided to open up the minecraft server in January 2011 it was officially named Lolnet after the name of CptWin's wireless network at the time and the name matched CptWin's favourit lolface logo. The server began with the domain; a free domain provided by

First World

Lolnet Minecraft's first world was the beginning of Lolnet. A small community building together, it would become the foundation for what Lolnet is today. Staff members on the server included the Owners CptWin, his brother Lord Mega and 5TR3CH who provided an additional part of the server hardware. This world was the main world until 17 April 2011.

The server had a form of whitelist that meant that new users to the server could join, look around and interact with the world, but would then need to apply on the forums to be able to build. This would involve filling out an application form, and putting a poll on your application. If there were few/little objections then the user would gain build rights on the server.

"Second World"

On 18 April 2011, the admins had decided it was time for a move. This involved throwing a world guard region over the old and everyone having to build in a new location located about 4000 blocks away from the old spawn. This new spawn was centred around a large square fountain, which had water over the sides of a glass square box with a path around it. There were then paths that went out from this spawn, stretching off into different locations. Player houses lined the paths of this city.

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