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The Lolnet Launcher is a Minecraft Launcher made by Lolnet to ensure that users can have easy access to all the packs we run. The Launcher is managed by james137137 with thanks to sk89q.

Launcher Benefits

 • Up to date - The launcher is kept in sync with the versions of Minecraft that we have running on the server. It will only update when we update.

 • All the packs - It has all the packs we run in one place. No messing about with different launchers or private pack codes.

Download Links

It can be downloaded here:

Type Download Link
Jar Version (For Windows, Mac and Linux) Lolnet Launcher .jar Version Download
Exe Version (For Windows Only) Lolnet Launcher .exe Version Download


Installing a modpack

1) You need to download the Lolnet Launcher by clicking the link that suits you below!

Type Download Link
Jar Version (For Windows, Mac and Linux) Lolnet Launcher .jar Version Download
Exe Version (For Windows Only) Lolnet Launcher .exe Version Download

2) Once you have that downloaded that move it where you would like to have it located (For me it's on my desktop...and pinned to my task-bar (Thanks to James137137 :) )).

3) Now open the launcher up it will hopefully look like this:


Now the first time you run it it is normal to have (not installed) next to all the modpacks as you have not downloaded them before.

4) Now once you have selected the modpack you would like to install click on launch. This should pop up:


Enter your login details as you would on the minecraft launcher.

5) Once you have put in your credentials in, click launch.

Note: If you are using the same computer as somebody else it is recommended you un-tick 'Remember my password'!

Minecraft should be running, once you have reached the main page click on multiplayer and our Lolnet servers should already be there for you.


Getting Help With our Launcher

Having issues with using our launcher?

1) First step see if any of the troubleshooting steps below can help you out.

2) Ask ingame and see if anyone can help with your issue

3) You can visit us on Discord Server and see if someone can help you out

4) Otherwise post on our forums in the Lolnet Launcher Support section and someone will help you out.

How to hard force an update

If you encounter an issue logging into one of our servers with the Lolnet Launcher to do with mismatched versions of mods, it may be because an update has not applied itself properly. To fix this, you can 'hard force' an update to redownload the mods to update it to what the Lolnet server's are currently running.

Right click the modpack and select 'Hard Force Update...'


Then carry on from step four above.

Changing your allocated ram

Sometimes you may have issues loading modpacks due to not having the required ram allocated. These steps should help. (Please note 64bit java is required for anything above 1536MB)

1) Click options in the bottom right hand corner next to "Launch"

2) Use the "Maximum Memory" Slider to allocate more ram


3) Click okay and launch your desired modpack.

Obtaining your client log or crash report

Sometimes you may have issues connecting to a server, may be being disconnected, or you may be crashing. These steps will help you obtain a crash report or client logs which will help us diagnose the issues.

1) Right click on the modpack and select 'view folder'

2) Go to either crash-reports or logs, depending on the issue.

3) Upload a copy of the relevant crash report or folder to or a file sharing site, like dropbox.

4) Share it with the relevant staff memeber/post it on our forums