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Lolnet - New Zealand Gaming

The Lolnet Logo

Founder CptWin
Founded December 2010
Minecraft Servers
Lolnet Minecraft

Lolnet is a New Zealand based gaming community and hosts New Zealand's largest Minecraft network. It was founded by CptWin around December 2010 in the form of a private Minecraft server, located in Christchurch, New Zealand on a home ADSL line. In January 2011 the server was made public with a whitelist system and was officially named Lolnet. The server went under a refresh, closing at the end of 2011 before a new beginning in January 2012. This was the first world of Lolnet's current survival server.

Later in 2012, Lolnet opened a Tekkit server, hosted by Dezil_NZ. This created a need for Lolnet to grow it's server hosting capabilities. This led to Lolnet making the decision to build a server and to co-locate it's server in an Auckland based datadcentre. As part of this move, the Lolnet survival server was moved to a Bungeecord network and hosted alongside a lobby, SkyBlock and Factions server.

Lolnet's Modded Minecraft network experienced substantial growth in 2013 and 2014. Lolnet grew it's systems to become a host of multiple modded servers including FTB Unleashed, FTB Monster and Magic Farm. After much testing, Lolnet moved it's modded minecraft servers to a Bungeecord network, meaning that it's servers were interconnected improving the user experience.

The last dramatic change in Lolnet's history was the decision to merge the two Bungeecord's together. The advent of 1.7 modpacks and the creation of a Bungeecord which could host both 1.7 and 1.8 servers enabled this to happen. This happened in September 2014 and has allowed Lolnet to continually improve it's offering. Lolnet now boasts a high quality, low-latency network with built in redundancies, like running multiple Bungeecord servers in case one goes down.

Today, Lolnet has developed into New Zealand's largest Minecraft Community, and is New Zealand's most played Minecraft network.


Original Minecraft Server (2011)


The Lolnet Minecraft server was founded in December 2010, beginning as a private minecraft server for some friends on an ADSL line in Christchurch. When CptWin decided to open up the minecraft server in January 2011 it was officially named Lolnet after the name of CptWin's wireless network at the time and the name matched CptWin's favourit lolface logo. The server began with the domain; a free domain provided by

First World

Lolnet Minecraft's first world was the beginning of Lolnet. A small community building together, it would become the foundation for what Lolnet is today. Staff members on the server included the Owners CptWin, his brother Lord Mega and 5TR3CH who provided an additional part of the server hardware. This world was the main world until 17 April 2011.

The server had a form of whitelist that meant that new users to the server could join, look around and interact with the world, but would then need to apply on the forums to be able to build. This would involve filling out an application form, and putting a poll on your application. If there were few/little objections then the user would gain build rights on the server.

"Second World"

On 18 April 2011, the admins had decided it was time for a move. This involved throwing a world guard region over the old and everyone having to build in a new location located about 4000 blocks away from the old spawn. This new spawn was centred around a large square fountain, which had water over the sides of a glass square box with a path around it. There were then paths that went out from this spawn, stretching off into different locations. Player houses lined the paths of this city.

Original Minecraft Modpack Server (2013)

First Modpack Server

Lolnet's first modpack server, running Minecrafted v7 grand opened on 25th of January, 2013, it rain off from home connection, could only handle 5 players at once due to slow conenction til we bump upload speed to handle more players. After gaining more players, we decided to move onto VPS for better performances and more users.

Other Official Games server

Garry's mod

Lolnet also ran first Garry's mod by Speshals for our network on 16th of August, 2013. However it didn't last any long.