Installing WECUI for Vanilla

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Before you can use WECUI in Vanilla minecraft you require liteloader and WECUI itself these can be downloaded from the links in the table below:

  • 1.12.X version numbers don't matter unless stated otherwise just switch .1 switch .2.

Downloads Servers
LiteLoader 1.12.2 (EXE Windows) Survival 1.12.2
LiteLoader 1.12.2 (JAR Mac/Linux)
WECUI 1.12.1+

Vanilla Install

Once finished open liteloader installer make sure Install Liteloader (Recommended) is checked and the extend from: box has 1.12.1 selected.


When everything is in order press ok and you shall see a window popout like this:


Now, open your minecraft launcher click the arrow up and select Liteloader 1.12.1 and launch to the main menu.


Once at the main menu close the game and reopen the launcher as liteloader should now have the necessary folders created. Select launch options and click Liteloader 1.12.1:


Click the arrow next to the folder icon to open up .minecraft which should look something like this:

VanL5f.png VanL6.png

Navigate to Mods/1.12.1 and copy WECUI from the table at the top of this page.


Everything should now be in place, relaunch minecraft and you shall see this in the top right corner:


When in game, using a shovel will create phantom redblocks over the area you are claiming, Using a stick will show you your claim size in yellow.

WECUI2.jpg WECUI1.jpg

If you have any questions or require more information go here

Download Liteloader & WECUI 1.12.1 from the 1.12.1 Downloads & Servers section at the top of this page.