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Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat that's free, secure and works on your browser, desktop and phone. Lolnet has a discord server for members of our community to use to talk to each other. Everyone is welcome to join us and chat. Click here to join us!


How to join our discord? Just click on this link and you'll be directed to our Discord page: Lolnet Discord - You'll see this screen, throw your Minecraft name in and click continue. If you have discord account already, just click login and use your Discord account.


After you put your name in and clicked continue, you'll see loading screen, it won't take too long.


Welcome to our Discord! Start chatting with your friends or join voice chat with us!

On left side of window - you'll see Message and Voice chat room. On Right side, you'll see who's online and what are they playing.


There's also Desktop App for Discord as well, you can find it view: [Discord App] and download it onto your specific devices.

Don't want someone else to take over your username on discord?


Click "Claim account" to claim your username so no one can take it.

Put your email you associate with and your password to login to your discord account. Want to change your profile picture? Click the icon to change the profile picture. If your image is larger than the maximum, it'll automatically resize it for you.


In Connection tab, you can connect your Twitch and youtube to your discord for livestreaming feature.

In Text & Images, you can config the way if you want text to speech, Symbols to Emoji or Link Preview.

In voice tab, You can configure your import & output, volume and input mode.

In Notification tab, You can control your notifications, whenever user joins or leave, messages and text to speech. If you don't want noisy notifications from Discord and want to mute only #General? Look on top and click the bell icon next to #General, it'll mute the notifications from it til you renable it.


In Appearance tab, you can choice light or dark, compact or cozy Design/layout.

In Locale Section, you can change your language and discord will convert to your native language.


Why I can't hear or speak on Discord?

Go to Setting, click voice tab and make sure your input/output volume is not set to 0%, check your input device, if you're wearing headset, change your default input or output to your Headset. And make sure you're note deafen/mute.


Why is discord too bright / dark?

Go to Settings, click appearance tab and change your Theme.