Dim Deletion

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This will be used to record when dimensions will be reset per month, this will be formatted by the day of the month and time.

If there are 2 entries listed this will mean that specific dimension will be reset twice per month.

(currently all dims are reset once per month this will increase if we find it needs to be)

1.7.10 Modded Servers

Infinity Evolved

Infinity Evolved (Normal): Day of the Month & Time
Twilight Forest 9th 7:00AM NZDT
Deep Dark 10th 7:00AM NZDT
Nether 11th 7:00AM NZDT
Spirit World 12th 7:00AM NZDT
End 13th 7:00AM NZDT
Last Millennium 14th 7:00AM NZDT
Torment 15th 7:00AM NZDT
RFTools Mining Dimension 16th 7:00AM NZDT